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BIO AvenaDrink + Calcio

natural oat milk enriched with calcium

Description: organic oat-based drink, with calcium of vegetable origin, as substitute for dairy and soya milk, produced with an exclusive and patented process.

Ingredients:spring water**, Oats* (14 %), cold pressed sunflower oil* and safflower oil*, seaweeds (lithothamnion calcareum) 0,4 %, sea salt.

* from organic farming.

** the water we use flows at 450 meters above sea level, inside the Park of Lessini Mountains (Italy).

Area of use: It can be used for the preparation of sauces (like bechamel or others), cakes and desserts, or cold as a drink. Excellent for the cappuccino, with the coffee and for breakfast, also with muesli.

Sales channels: Healthy food shops, herbalist’s shops, pharmacies.

Organoleptic characteristics:

  • appearance: liquid
  • colour: white
  • aroma: typical and delicate aroma
  • taste: sweet, typical of the product
  • cooking: for heating

Chemical characteristics: Ph 6 – 7

Microbiological characteristics: UHT product with negligible microbiological characteristics.

Shelf life: 12 months from packing date, in cool and dry place, unopened packaging.

Packaging: 1000 ml Tetrapak mod. Slim with pull cap.

Average nutritional values for 100 g of product

Energy valuekcal/kJ 45/189
Proteing 1,0
     which sugars
g 6,8
g 6,0
Lactosemg 0
g 1,5
g 0,21
g 0,55
g 0,74
Cholesterolmg 0*
Fiberg 0,16
Sodiumg 0,04
Calciummg 120

*below the analytical detection sensitivity